new single "let it burn" 

The brand new music video for Jesse Clegg’s latest single, “Breathing” ft Shekhinah has just been released.

The video for “Breathing” was directed by Quinton Lavery, produced by Passing Trains Productions and was shot in Cape Town.


The concept was a performance video that takes place within a landscape made up entirely of light and reflection. The imagery was beautifully crafted to display the meaning behind the songs. “The lyrics of the song, has a lot of references to light and dark, the inner world versus the outer world and seeking light in a dark situation. It is about two people who have to stick together to escape a difficult moment in their lives. I wanted the video to be a metaphor for this inner journey,” said Jesse Clegg.


When writing the single, Jesse had a female collaborator in mind and when he heard Shekhinah’s voice, he knew immediately that she would be the perfect fit for the single.

When asked about working with songstress on the music video, Jesse had to say this, “I had a great time shooting the video with Shekhinah. It was a long day and tiring at times but the performances were a lot of fun and the lighting was amazing to watch. The production team built sculptures for the shoot made out of custom lights that formed shapes and patterns. The main sculpture was the Origami Bird which is featured on the sleeve of my new album, ‘Things Unseen.’ We wanted to imagery to tie into the rest of the themes and emotion of the album.”


They performed the song within the light show and the lights became an extension of the performance. The film crew timed the lights to react and change colours as Jesse Clegg and Shekhinah performed and depending on what lyrics they were singing. So for example when Shekhinah sings the line about "...fighting off the monster", all the lights turned red and static, when they sang the chorus the lights would turn blue and move around them to pick up the energy. It was amazingly choreographed based on the emotion of the song and the energy of the performance.


Watch the video on Youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xECzgzLaQaI

Download ‘Breathing’ on iTunes:https://itun.es/za/EA_zcb